Our method focuses on unleashing human potential to enable business to thrive.

What is High Impact Culture?

The High Impact Culture method (HIC-m) develops the mindsets, skills, tools and systems to build a high performance, high impact company.

The method is based on the simple and universal factors that we know inspire people to be the best version of themselves - what we call Business as a Human System.

Working across the three dimensions of Clarity, Purpose and Balance, we help you understand your existing map, then support you to Re-Map your business.

A triangle shaped diagram: with the words Clarity, Purpose, and Balance at the tips of the triangle and the words High Impact Culture in the center connecting them all.


Where you are heading in 90 days and how your beliefs shape direction and culture


How the world is a better place by your company being here and how purpose translates into strategy and action 


The precondition for transformation and the foundation for insights and high performance

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How does HIC-m translate in practice?

HIC-m is a rolling monthly programme structured around Four Content Flows. Each flow translates one (or more) of the three dimensions of Clarity, Purpose and Balance into practice.

The flows are not sequential so we'll help you decide where to begin based on your challenges and opportunities. Then, as your needs evolve, we'll propose new elements to accelerate your growth.

Short Term Clarity

Maintain and communicate clarity in 90-day cycles

  • Regular management team off-sites
  • OKR reflect and reset sessions
  • Result-focused management meetings
  • Evolved accountability chart

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Scale-able Leadership

Leadership that unleashes performance and autonomy

  • Leadership model based in strengths 
  • Mechanics of a high performance team
  • Strengths based coaching for the whole team
  • Managers as skilled coaches

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From Purpose to Execution

Purpose translated into action via strategy and OKRs

  • Uncover your inspiring social purpose
  • Decode Operational Beliefs, Vision and Values 
  • Build a strategy coherent with your identity
  • Transformational OKRs connected to purpose

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A Purpose-led Culture

A self-sustaining culture where people love their work

  • An impact scorecard to measure social impact
  • An impact equation tying profit and impact
  • A framework to guide purposeful decisions
  • People challenging and upholding your culture

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Here's what our clients are experiencing


After experiencing 19X EBITDA growth in 2 years, Sonosuite are raising investment and growing while scaling their social impact

Dozen Investments

In just a few months of working with HIC-m, Dozen are transforming the way they work and the results they are getting.


Fast growth SaaS company Aervio went from 5% monthly growth, to 20% monthly growth, with a total sense of control.

Martinez Comin

Through executive coaching, CEO Alex is revitalising the company culture, focusing on strengths and building a high performance team


By discovering and marrying their purpose and strategy, MaximEyes are scaling their social impact as they grow their business.

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