We Build Tricorns, Not Unicorns. 

High performance companies, accelerating in wellbeing, social impact and profit

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Are these growing pains of scaling up familiar?

  • Teams working in silos

  • Dependency and bottlenecks around leaders

  • Lack of short term clarity

  • Non stop "crisis mode"

  • Distance from or loss of customers

  • Loss of team members

Our method enables innovation-based companies who are scaling, to 2x, 3x and 10x their productivity and wellbeing.

Testimonials and Facts


As a founder, I'm radically changing the way I operate as CEO and it's translating to huge improvements

Stayforlong CASE STUDY


Scaling from 25 to 70 people in just over a year while wellbeing sores from 3.3 to 4.5/5

BridgeforBillionsCASE STUDY


81% EBITDA growth in 6 months, from start of Q2 to end of Q3 2023 

Silversea CASE STUDY

Health is our business

We know there are two ingredients of successful companies: Intelligence and Health

Intelligence means knowing your product, strategy, markets, how to sell, financing etc.

Health means having a clear why and direction, aligned strategy, clear & aligned goals, and a balanced & insightful leadership team.

Health is a multiplier of intelligence

Our method assesses and builds health in three dimensions - Identity, Leadership, Execution

  • Leadership that scales

  • A culture of wellbeing and performance  

  • OKRs delivering business results

  • A purpose creating business and social value

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Working with Nash for the last 2 years has helped us grow as a company in a scalable way. It's radically changed my approach as a CEO and that's translating for me personally and for us as a company

Luis Osorio

Founder, CEO, StayforLong

This has been and continues to be such a valuable experience for EMESA. We are truly grateful to have you and all the team at Re-Map to hold our hands and guide us through this transformative process

Ines Cuatrecasas

Vice President, EMESA

Re-Map has been instrumental in the development of our team and impact - working with Nash has been a game-changer. I don't mean just people, numbers and impact, I also mean growth in consciousness, ease, joy.

Julie Murat

COO & Co-Founder, Bridge for Billions

The High Impact Culture method really is re-mapping our company. If you are looking for a profound change and experience, I encourage you all to talk to Nash

Guillermo Portela 

CEO & Founder, Silversea

In just a few months, we've already started building a high performing executive team and company

Jose Luis Zagazeta

CEO & Co-Founder, Sonosuite 

Working with High Impact Culture is extremely positive and it's converting into improvements every day.

Ramon Saltor

CEO & Founder, Dozen Investments

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