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How Re-Map came into being?

I'm Nash Billimoria, Re-Map Founder. In Dec 2011, I left a decade long banking career, feeling totally unfulfilled and looking for something new.

I wanted to support entrepreneurs, because I felt identified as one and because I love the idea of seeing a problem and solving it at scale, with others. 

I saw many accelerators helping startups with product, financing etc. but not in becoming purposeful, high performance companies.

I heard founders and investors speak of unicorns. But when I asked founders - if you reach 1 billion valuation and your teams are unhappy and burned out - do you consider that success? They all said no.

When I asked, what if you achieve the valuation, but society is being degraded in the process of your growth, is that success? They all said no.

So I started talking about Tricorns. Then we set about building them. We achieved some incredible results as we built the High Impact Culture method.

Then, I reached max capacity and realised the time had come to scale up.

Nash Billimoria, Founder of Re-Map.

We took all we had learned and started delivering programmes

High Impact Culture

High Impact Culture is the "container" for all our programmes - our end-to-end method for supporting companies to overcome the growing pains of scaling up and become Tricorns.

The method is based on simple and universal Principles that enable teams to operate at higher and higher levels of performance and wellbeing. Principles articulated by the late Sydney Banks and translated into a business framework by Insight Principles.

Working across the three dimensions of Leadership Execution & Identity, our programmes solve different challenges common to scaleups, enabling you to Re-Map your business.

A triangle shaped diagram: with the words Clarity, Purpose, and Balance at the tips of the triangle and the words High Impact Culture in the center connecting them all.

We have expert team members and mentors who are there to support your transformation journey.

a confident headshot of Nash


Founder, facilitator & primary Re-Mapper. Professor of Leadership and Management, a decade in change management for investment banks and now advisor to leaders of startups and scaleups. Nash has a vision, experience and method to accelerate a new era of purpose-led, performance-driven companies.

a confident headshot of Priti


Wife, mum, strategist, economist, programme manager and logistics queen. She's exceptional at seeing the critical path and getting stuff done and dusted!

a confident headshot of Julia


In matters of facilitating human transformation, Julia has been our guide and mentor. She's led M&A and transformation programmes for Fortune 500 firms, launched the UKs first energy impact fund and works with leadership teams in turnaround situations. She's also supported Nash on his personal journey towards greater insight and wellbeing.

a confident headshot of Ben


OKR advisor and mentor. The founder of OKRs.com, author, podcaster and family man, Ben has just about as much OKR experience as anyone out there.

a confident headshot of Loughlin


Loughlin has been Nash's primary adviser and mentor from the get go. He's been instrumental in the development of the method. Formerly, the Global Head of Tax at KPMG until he co-founded the The Blueprint for Better Business. He unexpectedly passed away in November 2023 and left a gaping hole in his wake. We aspire to carry his essence forward through our work.

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