Our programmes develop the mindsets, skills, tools and systems to help you scale


Our programmes cover all dimensions of building Tricorns - leadership, purpose, vision, strategy and execution.

We`re all about helping you overcome your most pressing business issues at the root. We do this by helping you develop the mindsets, skills, tools and systems to scale.

Our programmes are practical, experiential and scaleable. We combine online learning with tailored implementation support. That means you can learn to run without us.
Here are a few of our flagship programmes - 

Slowing down to speed up

Develop Four qualities of Scaleable Leaders

  • Are you facing stress, anxiety, mental noise and burnout as a leader? 
  • In this programme you'll discover how to cultivate balance for yourself. You'll learn how to operate with more ease, joy and clarity and have access to the "keys" of your own experience so you start to craft your experience as you want it to be.
  • For founders, people leaders, head of HR / People and Culture

12 Week Self Leadership Programme

Scaleable Leadership

Four steps & four skills to leading your team

  • Are you facing overwhelm because of team members who are dependent on you to deliver results? 
  • In this programme you'll discover how to achieve results by developing others. You'll learn a method for leading people and teams throughout the lifecycle, ensuring you have the right people in the right seats, providing both support & accountability.
  • For founders, people leaders, head of HR / People and Culture

12 Week Team Leadership Programme

Short Term Clarity: 

Nailing the next 120 days with OKRs

  • Are you facing too many conflicting priorities? A lack of alignment as a leadership team? No clear distinction between business as usual and transformation goals? People in the task / checklist mindset? Challenges implementing OKRs effectively?
  • In this programme we are sharing how to adapt OKRs so that they deliver business results. We are covering all aspects, from deployment to setting up cross-functional teams, tracking and communication. Everything you need to know to transform results in key business areas. 
  • For founders, OKR sponsors, head of HR / People and Culture

120 day Cohort Programme
Starts April 2024

Purpose Discovery:

Align your company around your North Star

  • Are you facing a lack of aligment as founders? Big strategic challenges? Challenges differentiating yourself in a crowded market? Focusing on growth without being clear of the why? Challenges attracting the very best people? Teams struggling for deeper motivation?
  • In this programme we will help you to uncover a purpose for your company which is authentic, inspiring and practical. Regardless of what industry or sector you are in, we will help you answer how your business makes the world a better place, in a way you know is credible. 
  • For founders and leadership teams

12 Week Discovery Programme

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For over a decade, Re-Map has been delivering transformation to companies across Europe.

Here's what our clients have been experiencing


Hear from the Founder and CEO of this growing tech travel company that undertook both Scaleable Leadership and Purpose Discover programmes


By transforming their leadership culture and implementing a new OKR approach, Bridge has grown from a 25 to 60 person team effortlessly


After experiencing 19X EBITDA growth in 2 years, Sonosuite are raising investment and growing while scaling their social impact

Silversea Containers

Navigated complicated market conditions using accountability tools and focusing on next next 120 days

Dozen Investments

In just a few months of working with HIC-m, Dozen are transforming the way they work and the results they are getting.


Fast growth SaaS company Aervio went from 5% monthly growth, to 20% monthly growth, with a total sense of control.

Martinez Comin

Through executive coaching, CEO Alex is revitalising the company culture, focusing on strengths and building a high performance team


By discovering and marrying their purpose and strategy, MaximEyes are scaling their social impact as they grow their business.

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